“Eruption Forecasts and Warnings at Long-Quiescent Volcanoes” Workshop – CITIES ON VOLCANOES 10 – Rione Terra, Pozzuoli

Claudio Correale, the founder of Lux in Fabula, invited me to participate in a workshop about bradyseism, as a listener. The workshop took place at Palazzo Migliaresi on the 8th of September 2018, on kind concession of the local City Hall.

The organiser, Dr. Christopher Kilburn, introduced the project in an attempt to promote and improve the knowledge of Campi Flegrei. Being an enormous caldera, Campi Flegrei has been at the centre of recent studies regarding its unrest and possible future. One of the focuses of the workshop was the promotion of a top-down approach to the problem of the area.

I highly appreciated the methodology of this didactic effort aimed to define a way to raise awareness of the local phenomenon of bradyseism for students still in their schooling years. The association Le Ali di Dedalo provided the necessary didactic power point slides which were, in my view, the result of a long-term and serious engagement.

Previous evacuations in the area were analysed by two past city councillors; one of them, Mr. Vincenzo Adinolfi, was full of empathy and his account really moving. All the participants wanted to go into depth and gave interesting contributions to the debate. In line with a multidisciplinary approach, a poetess read two short lyrics written in the panicking days of the 70s’ unrest and a painter exhibited some canvas about Rione Terra, the ancient historical centre.

In the best European cultural heritage, the two aims to educate and entertain were fully accomplished. Special thanks to Claudio Correale and Dr. Christopher Kilburn for the organisation of the event, and for their efforts and personal commitment.

Mariella Ambrosio